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User Settings

Global settings

Cost Unit

Enter a symbol of a currency or similar. It adds the symbol behind the value of the turnover.

the most used currency symbols: $ ¥ £ € ¢ ¤

Decimal precision

With this setting you can regulate the number of decimal places for time values. It defines the number of digits after the comma. We recommend 2 decimal places.

for example: 2 = .00 [450.00h] and 4 = .0000 [450.0000h]

Time tracking

Default track time view

Choose between DayMonth and Week – presets the standard view for time tracking. “Day” shows the day tracking view and “Month” shows a calendar of the current month. Preset Week shows an entire selected week with all of your projects to which you are assigned. So you can enter the time faster and at the same time have a good overview

Time unit

Choose between Days and Hours – If Days is selected, a new option becomes available – Hours per day

Hours per day

Enter the number of hours per day – for example: 1 working day = 8 hours

Daily start of working time

Enter the time you start to work every day – for example: 08:00

Daily break time

Enter the time when your break start every day – for example: 12:00 (for Lunch)

Default break duration (in hours)

Enter the duration of your break – for example: 1 = 60 minutes / 0.1 = 30 minutes

Regular work time

Enter the number of hours you work per day – for example: 1 Day = 8 Hours


titra API token

Enter a API token

Enable the Wekan integration?

Tutorial for Wekan integration for Titra

Siwapp URL

Enter a Siwapp URL.

Siwapp API Token

Generate your security token in you siwapp web application, on the ‘My Account/API Token’ section.