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Add/Edit project

Navigation and project creation

Top bar navigation [1] At the moment, titra has three selection options:

– Track – opens the time tracking view.
– Overview – opens the project overview with histogram and pie chart.
– Details – opens the table view with detailed information and filter possibilities.

SettingsDropdown [2]
contains following sections: ProfileSettings and About

New Project [3] Adds a new project and opens its options.

How to set up the new project

First click on the New project button [3]. The settings page will be opened.

The project will not be created until the settings are saved for the first time.

Add a Name for your project.

Add a project Description.

Set a custom Color to the project. Click colored button to open the color picker.

Add a Customer to the project.

Set a Rate($/hour) to the project. For example: 102.45 per tracked hour. Cost unit can be changed in the Settings.

Set a Target/Budget to the project. For example: 25000 hours.

Press Save to create the Project. The project settings can be adjusted at any time.

Access rights

The Access rights are displayed after saving. Add colleagues or co-workers to give them access to the project. Type in the e-mail of your contact and press the Add button. Repeat the process to add more contacts.

To grant access to all users enable the check box ☑ Public project (visible to all users) ⤵

Edit an existing project

Edit your existing project by clicking Edit in the Overview section.
Keep in mind, this option is only available if you own the project or have access rights.

Archiving an existing project

The idea behind archiving is that you usually don't want to delete a project right away - you probably know that situation, no work has been done for a customer in quite a while, you "close" the project but then there is a follow-up. That's the main reason why we opted for archiving as a first step instead of deleting projects directly. If you archive a project it will be hidden from all views with one exception:
After archiving a project you can display it still in the overview using the filter toggles:


If you show archived projects you will see all archived projects in the overview and get additional buttons to restore and completely delete a project: