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Profile Settings

User Profile


The name you specify in your name field will be your display name on Titra. It can be changed at any time.
For example: “Emmett Brown”


lor code or select one with the color picker – to do so click on the colored field. for example: #3C95C0

Upload custom avatar

Select the Browse… button to open your file-explorer. Choose a picture and confirm.

Reset avatar

Select Reset to remove your current avatar. Now you can choose another avatar or a colour.

Change password

As soon as you select the change password button, a new form opens with three password fields. To change the password, enter your current password and then your new password twice. Click Update your password to confirm.


Select the Logout, to logout and close the session.

User interface


Titra also has a darkmode. There are three possible modes to choose from:

  1. Auto detect
  2. Light
  3. Dark

Auto detect uses the mode of your operating system – check browser compatibility here

After changing the Theme, it is recommended to refresh the page, so changes are applied correctly.