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Time tracking

How to keep track and track time.

After creating a project, you will get an overview of the project and other options.

Each project has its own Project information panel displaying information and progress. In this case, we initially see only a small amount of information. This changes as soon as we start to track time. ↓

Select the Track button to track time on this project.

Select the Details button to open the details for this project.

Select the Edit button to open the project settings. (Project Owner only)

Select the Archive button to archive the project. (Project Owner only - see Add/Edit project for more information)

Lets start to track time.

First of all – titra uses 3 main views to track time.
You can use all of these three views, or just one. If you are someone who enters his times every day, we recommend the day view. If you are someone who enters their hours at the end of the week, we recommend the weekly view. Choose your most convenient input method.

▷ Day view
▷ Week view
▷ Month view

Day View

Select Track on the top main navigation or on the project panel of your desired project. The time recording view shows up. ↓

The date section can be controlled in different ways. You can choose between DayMonth and Week. If Day is selected you can select a day by clicking on the indicator buttons left and right or clicking on the previous or following day. For example: Wed, 19.01.2020.

By clicking the highlighted date in the middle, you can type in a date or select the calendar button to pick a date.

Select a project from the Project selection.
Cick the Info-Button on the right to open the Project Description

Choose existing or type in a new task by clicking in the task textbox.
Use the List-Button to the right, to show all available tasks.

Type in the time for the task into the workingtime textbox.

Use the Start time track button to stop your working time. ⏱

After saving you will get an overview of all tasks of the selected date. Click on the arrow to expand the view. It shows you all the tasks of the selected day.

From there you can Edit or Delete a existing task.↓

It is also possible to calculate your Workingtime ? ↓
e.g. type in 0.2+0.8+3+4 and press save – In this case, an 8-hour task is added

Week view

Select the week tab to show the week view. The week view is perfect for fast paste. By selecting the arrow next to the project name you can collapse down all tasks inside the project.

Now you can track your weekly work time on one page.
Click on an input field in the table to enter your working time or select
+ New line to add another task.

Month view

If you want a detailed calendar month view, select the month tab.

In the calendar, click an existing task or an empty area of ​​a day to edit or create a time. You can also drag projects onto a date to track the time.

Select a project from the Project selection.

Choose existing or type in a new task by clicking in the task textbox.

Type in the time for the task into the workingtime textbox.
Press Save to add the time for a task to the project.

Check the ? overview article
to see how your tracked time can be viewed.