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Titra on Synology nas DSM

If your system do support Docker ( here the list ) go and install it from the Synology package center.

Once you have Docker installed open the package and go to the Registry menu to search for the images we need to run Titra.


Search for titra and double click on the kromit/titra to download the Titra’s image.
Select from dropdown the latest version available (latest tag is not working for me so i choose 0.29.0 manually)

Next image needed is mongo for the mongodb
Go again in Registry and search for mongo to download 4.2 version


Once the images are downloaded go to Image section and there you’ll find them.

Now it’s time to create Containers from the images.

At first we create the db container

double click on the mongo image and select a name for the container (e.g. mongodb)


click Next and then uncheck “Run this container after the wizard is finished” before clicking Apply

Now go to container section and EDIT the mongodb container to set up a Volume for data persistency


click Add Folder and select a folder on your nas to store the db datas as mount path set /data/db and then apply.

Now start the container with the toggle you see right next to it and wait some time to have it up.

if you double click on container and go in LOG label you’ll see something like this
NETWORK [listener] Listening on

meaning mongodb is up and listening on all interfaces.

Go back to images section, now is time for creating Titra container and linking it to mongodb

Double click on Titra image, choose a name for it and click the advanced button


Go to port settings and choose a local port that is free on your system, don’t touch container port.


Now switch to Environment tab and set 2 new variables for the container


They must be set accordingly to your container configuration

For example:

MONGO_URL = mongodb://mongodb:27017/titra

as is my local lan NAS ip

Now go Next and click apply to have the container running.
Docker could alert you that mongodb was started because its needed to Titra (it’s ok it’s our goal)

In container section you must see both container running


Let’s test if everythings gone right

open your broswer and point it to http://nasip:port choosen before Titra should be working ?

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