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Environment Variables

ROOT_URL: the URL under which titra is served. Could be http://localhost:3000 for a local instance or for a setup with reverse proxy and DNS records.

MONGO_URL: the URL of the mongoDB backend (e.g. mongodb://localhost:27017/titra)

MONGO_OPLOG_URL: the URL pointing to the OPLOG of the mongoDB backend (e.g. mongodb://localhost:27017/local)

MAIL_URL: The server reads from the MAIL_URL environment variable to determine how to send mail. The MAIL_URL should reference an SMTP server and use the form:




The smtps:// form (the s is for “secure”) should be used if the mail server requires TLS/SSL (and does not use STARTTLS) and is most common on port 465. Connections which start unencrypted prior to being upgraded to TLS/SSL (using STARTTLS) typically use port 587 (and sometimes 25) and should use smtp://. For more information see the Nodemailer docs

METEOR_SETTINGS are Deprecated starting with titra version 0.18.0

Please use the new Globalsettings available for administrators through the Administration page.

METEOR_SETTINGS: the titra specific settings in JSON format, all settings have to belong to the “public” hierarchy. The available parameters are:

disablePublic: true/false – if set to true, projects can not be set as public

enableAnonymousLogins: true/false – if set to true, the /try path will be available allowing anonymous accounts to be created on the fly.

Below is an example for a METEOR_SETTINGS environment variable value:

  "public": {
   "disablePublic": "true",
   "enableAnonymousLogins": "true"