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Update an existing titra instance (Docker)

If you have used the quick start guide in the titra Github repository you can use the following steps to update titra to the latest version:

  1. curl -L | docker-compose -f - down
  2. docker pull kromit/titra
  3. curl -L | ROOT_URL=http://localhost:3000 docker-compose -f - up

The commands above assume that you are executing them either as a user with root permissions or docker is running in rootless mode. Depending on your setup you might have to add 'sudo' before the docker-compose commands.

If you have used a local docker-compose.yml file to override some default settings you can of course replace the curl command with your local file.

docker pull kromit/titra will pull the latest version, however you can also use any tag to update to a specific version (e.g. docker pull kromit/titra:0.89.6)