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Wekan Kanban Board Cards Import

Administration Interfaces

GitLab Issues Import

Administration Interfaces

Titra requires an API token for GitLab which can be created in the top right user menu and selecting the Preferences entry: In the User Settings, navigate to Access Tokens and create a new Personal Access Token. Titra requires one of the scopes read_api or ...

Custom Fields


In the Custom fields page of the Administration menu, new custom fields can be created by the administrator. First of all, a class for the new field has to be chosen, the options are: Project or Time entry: After selecting the class, the fields for Nam...

OpenID Connect (OIDC) Authentication


Configure your OIDC client for Authorization Code Flow Set the relevant fields in titra Client ID: Client ID as per your OIDC App Configuration Client Secret: As per your OIDC App Configuration OIDC Server Url: Your auth domain e.g.

Update an existing titra instance (Docker)


If you have used the quick start guide in the titra Github repository you can use the following steps to update titra to the latest version: curl -L | docker-compose -f - down docker pull kro...

Sending E-mails


Environment Variables MAIL_URL: The server reads from the MAIL_URL environment variable to determine how to send mail. The MAIL_URL should reference an SMTP server and use the form: smtp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@HOST:PORT or smtps://USERNAME:PASSWORD@HOST:PORT ...

MongoDB version compatibility


titra is built on Meteor.js which is in turn using the official Node.js MongoDB driver. The official statement regarding compatibility can be found here. titra will always be updated to the latest Meteor.js version and thus inherits its dependencies.The offic...