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Claiming Admin Rights



By default, no administrator is defined for every new titra instance setup. However, if no administrator is currently defined, every registered user on that instance can manually claim admin rights (first come, first serve). This is done to prevent bots claiming admins rights from newly created titra instances in cloud environments before the owner can do it. Additional users can be promoted to admins using the User administration.

Claim Administrator Rights

If you are a long time titra user (i.e. before version 0.9.X), you might have already registered a user. Or, you might have removed the admin flag from your own user. Luckily, there is a way out of this deadlock – whenever there are no admin users registered on a titra environment, you will be able to (re-) claim admin rights using the relative url /claim/admin. However, if a user tries to claim admin rights when there is already another admin user, the following warning will be displayed: